Web Blog Rubric

Hi AMSA Members,

In order to receive a bonus flex point for completing a web blog, we now ask that you abide by the following guidelines below.

A 200-500 word response that comments on an AMSA general body meeting, hot medical topic or issue, or a free response of your choice that could be about, but is not limited to:

  • AMSA
  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Health
  • Healthy living
  • The MCAT (or other standardized tests)
  • Your courses
  • A shadowing or internship experience.

Once you have finished your web blog, please send a word document to umdamsaboard@gmail.com or the current vice president, Brigitte Grewe brigittegrewe@gmail.com. The executive board will be reviewing your blog post for validity and thoroughness. You will then receive a confirmation email from us upon receiving your entry. Thanks!