GBM #7 – Hemorrhage Control Event – John E. Locke

GBM #7 – Hemorrhage Control Event – John E. Locke

On Thursday, December 3rd, members of the UMD AMSA and Pre-Med Society gathered in the Benjamin Banneker Room in the Stamp Student Union for a presentation and hands on event presented in conjunction with local recruiters from US Army Medicine. The event started off with presentations from several different US Army Medical Officers, dressed with their medals proudly displayed on their uniforms. Their speeches involved the nature and benefits of attending medical school and becoming a physician through the United States Army system, with some personal background included for additional context and detail. If accepted to medical school through the United States Army system, tuition for medical school, normally ranging from thirty to sixty thousand dollars a year, is covered in full, as are books, supplies, and housing during the time as a medical student. In addition to this, stipends are often awarded to complete various projects, and a sign-up bonus further incentivizes the track. Pictures of the Army Medical facilities around the country added realness of this possibility, and the presenters told of their experiences within US Army Medicine. Discounts on health and life insurance, lower cost of living, tax deductions, streamlined payments, and a pension after twenty years of service were also mentioned as benefits of the system’s track. They also boasted a higher than average acceptance rate to residency programs. With tuition costs on the rise, and the debt of expenses accrued during medical school weighing on people’s minds, it is good to know that there are other options available. In exchange for these benefits, individuals who go through this system are expected to spend their summers serving at the Army facilities, and they are required to complete several years of service with the Army following their medical training, which can take many forms depending on the situation.

This service truly presents a wonderful opportunity for many people wishing to attend medical school, and can help those people realize their dream while serving their country and minimizing their financial debt. Anyone who is considering these programs should look further into the options available. In addition to the presentations, the representatives from the US Army Medicine gave a short clinic on hemorrhage and wound control while in the field, instructing the students on the various instruments and techniques utilized to minimize damage and preserve as much tissue as possible. This included hasty tourniquets, deliberate tourniquets, pressure techniques, gauze application, and wound wrapping. After the demonstration with a few volunteers, students were able to practice the techniques for themselves, with assistance and advice being given by the medical officers. This event truly represented a fantastic hands on experience and encouraged those involved to learn about a different field of medicine. Combined with the information presentations preceding the demonstration, this event was an incredible experience for all the students involved. The UMD AMSA and the Pre-Medical Society groups are very proud and grateful for this opportunity for their members.

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