Neurologist Speaker – Surjo Bandyopadhyay

At AMSA once, we had a guest speaker come in and talk about neuroscience. He had Tourette’s Syndrome, and spoke extensively about misconceptions about Tourette’s Syndrome. He even related the syndrome back to the infamous South Park episode which was praised for its accuracy. His presentation was absolutely fascinating, as he went to clear up many different thoughts people had on Tourette’s. I was able to learn so much from this lesson, such as the fact that there are different degrees of severity of Tourette’s. He showed us the different manifestations, and also told of how it has a hereditary disposition as well. I was especially fascinated at the public health and global health endeavors he was a part of. He showed us how he has been to many poor countries and has been able to treat people who would have lost their lives otherwise. Even so, he told us about the importance of not letting the harsh nature of the job influence our passion for helping people. He told us about burning out, and how not to let that happen, by constantly reminding ourselves that not every case should be taken personally. He reminded me a lot of a teacher figure because he sounded sincerely concerned for our success and our futures in medicine, and I do hope I have the privilege of working with him again in the future.


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